Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The peace sign, cutesy facial expression and lenseless glasses effect.
What is wrong with me?  She's gorgeous, but I can't stand this picture!

I see online that I am not the only person deeply perturbed by the fashion trend in China that involved wearing often huge black plastic eye glass frames that lack lenses in them. I know that this is not just a China deal and my five minutes of research of research into this riveting subject points to Japan as being the point of origin for this Asian phenomenon. I would have figured that as most trends like this that happen in China are derivative of something that started somewhere else. I would assume that it finds its roots in some sort of cos-play fashion, but the so called trend has leap into mainstream fashion (which is something that is a little wacky in China anyway most of the time anyway). I began to notice this a year or more ago and when I began to ask about it I usually (u-wa-lee) got an answer like "she is a very fashion girl". No point in trying to correct that. That is how the word is used. There is some mystique and fascination around the words fashion and sports here. Sometimes see a t-shirt with the word "fashion" across the front. Or sometimes the "word "sports". Once I saw "fashion sports on a t-shirt. Does that translate into some meaningful in Chinese? I don't know. Maybe explore that someday in another enlightening post. Without question many of the young ladies here are extremely attractive, but it what they do with that and what is considered cute and trendy that really get me confused. The pouty face, and the big "anime" eyes and hand gestures like peace sighs and an index finger in the cheek may seem cute to the uninitiated, but all of these things are done in an over board fashion as far as I am concerned. And out here in Kunming everything like this has a real trickle down effect, so that when these ghastly fashion trends are slowing down elsewhere there are in full force in Kunming. And if you look online you will see ads with western models wearing these glasses and some of common folk wearing them at parties or something. But you don't see pictures of school teachers wearing them proudly in the classroom! Maybe they do. Who cares, this post is about the trend in Asia and China, where it is of epidemic proportions. (The issue of people in China copying poses and attire worn by people in trendy fashion magazines is a phenomenon as well. They seem to think people walking down the street to get a hotdog or beer dress like Vogue models or something, so they do too.)

Okay so this image is from Japan, but lets be frank about it,
 those weirdos can't dress either.
Some things seem almost special to Kunming (as far as getting out of control anyway), like these wild ass shoes girls are buying on the streets lately. They're shoes you would only see in some sort of underground fetish photography, with people wearing gas masks and dog collars. But here they wear them to go buy their oily, spicy chicken wings on a stick and look at the lenseless eye glasses on display by the multitude of street vendors. I can't find images online about the shoes so will have to go some field research on that for alter. But for now here are a few samples from online about the eye glass thing. The desperate need here to appear to be a "fashion girl" (or boy, as guys wear these things too) is really a bit embarrassing, and outfits are a mishmash of fabrics and styles that have zero balance or appeal. There seems to some sort of punkish style going on here with the college students in Kunming, but there is no punk culture so I am not sure where it comes from. Lots of skull shirts and the horrible t-shirts with really bad Chinglish splashed all over them. To add a cherry to top of the bad fashion sense cake this eye glass thing has just exploded here recently. I found one picture (used as the lead in photo) with a girl wearing the dumb things, holding her iPhone with pride and doing a peace sign on her face. Now you are in China baby!

Hey, a very fashion boy!

What the hell? Not one single  peace sign! This girl is obviously a foreign spy,
 not aware of essential social customs that signify "I am the real China deal!"

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Lest some guilt stricken white liberal accuses me of profiling, stereotyping or
blatant racism let me make sure I share this one too, of good God fearing white folk wearing
lame lenseless eye glasses.  Cos' white people do it don't make it right!
1) This is just a goofy photo shoot for a slick, vapid fashion mag.
Problem here  in China is that people actually buy those things and read them!
 Bet these models don't go trolling for greasy, spicy tofu and chicken wings on a stick
wearing these along with their fetish boots with stiletto heels, and 2)  they're stupid too!


Jeff said...

We still laugh about this. So far we are not seeing it in California...

Wade Shepard said...
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Ghidorah said...

Fashion or not, that girl with the Iphone is awesomely cute :)